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CRYSTAL BALL 7.3.1  CLICK HERE TO DOWLOAD Crystal Ball software is a leading spreadsheet-based software suite for predictive modeling, forecasting, Monte Carlo simulation and optimization. With over 4,000 customers worldwide, including 85% of the Fortune 500, Crystal Ball is used by customers from a broad range of industries, such as aerospace, financial services, manufacturing, oil … Continue reading


We use the present simple tense for things we do regularly, always, somtimes, every day …etc Ex: He goes through here every day.       I work in Manchester city. The question, short answer and the nagetive are made with the present of the verb "to do" Ex: Do you speak English?       No, … Continue reading


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Giang Vien – Sinh Vien

Kỳ lạ thật! Giảng viên thích nghỉ lúc nào thì nghỉ. Thích đi dạy học lúc nào thì day? Ông ta đi dạy hoc bù vao những ngày ông ta nghỉ, đó là nghĩa vụ của ông ta, cpnf tôi là sinh viên không những tôi có nghĩa vụ phải đi học mà đó còn … Continue reading

Tham Khao Cac File cua Duy ve khung hoang tai chinh 2008

tang truong kinh te the gioi: noinghuyen nhan khung hoang:|5Nguyen%20Xuan%20Nghia|6.mp3 Bao cao cua co quan ve My thoai My Viet Nam day dowload them nhieu file khac

Cry on my shoulder

Cry on my shoulder If the hero never comes to you If You need someone You"re feeling blue If You wait for loving when You"re alone If You call Your friends nobody"s home You can runaway but You can"t hide Through storm and through the lonely night Then I show You there"s a destiny The … Continue reading

Puzzle eggs

An old man carry a basketball chicken eggs for sale. On the first instruments sold half of the eggs in basketball and to purchase half of eggs and then bring the number of eggs remaining home. The next day she brought the number of eggs rest of the day before to you more. Ms future … Continue reading