* Lesson 1: Some 1 million people sent to the bank with interest rate 14% per year, 5 years after he or she sent them 5 million contract. That person will receive how much money at the end:

a / 10 years from the date of the first funds

b / 15 years from the date of the first funds

* Lesson 2: Mr. Minh deposit in a bank

amount 20million VND at the beginning of this year, 5 million at the beginning of the year from July 3 this year, 10 million in the early years after the 5th Year 3. If the interest rate of 6% per year following the year how many people there are total amount is 120 million

* Lesson 3: A person buying a property according to the method of payment as follows: pay at the end of Regulations 1 (time to buy) is 50 million. After which 3 quy, every 5 million quy pay at the end, time continuous quy 6. If interest rates in view of the Fund is 8%, the current value of real estate is how much?

* Lesson 4: A deposit interest rate to 18% per year, pairing interest daily. So real interest rates which he received the annual and half years is how much?

* Lesson 5: A company advertising that they loan million 1 and only requires customers to pay monthly to 44,600 in 30 months. Embrace the fact they have to borrow with interest rates of annual How much?

* Lesson 6: A student intends to borrow money from a cooperative credit to buy a car may cost 17 million. He plans to return every month within 4 years. If interest rates behalf of 12% per annum and interest is joined by month, the monthly pay him how much money?.

* Lesson 7: Company lotto city consider between 2 ways to pay rewards to those who win number. One way is to pay immediately million 1000. The second is how to pay-per-year million 100 during 25 years in line. The management company to predict the rate of inflation of the money around from 6 to 10% per year during this time. Beginning with a review of the administration, please see how the bonus pay any benefit for most companies if the rate of inflation is 6%, 8%, 10%.

* Lesson 8: Court compose a newspaper want to pay fire insurance for 3 years, 9 million per year contract. Insurance company suggested that if the court composed of a subject close to 3 years time they will reduce prices for. If the interest rate discount of 12% per year, the rebate would like to be a court designed to pay out now how much?.

* Lesson 9: The company bought a T-casting machine pressure to aluminum casting with Price 240 million, predicted machine after 8 years working with the sell price for 40 million contract. Let’s assume operating costs each year is 30 million with the interest rate is 10%. Let the current price the cost of buying new machines this

* Lesson 10: Trading Company X wanted to buy fabrics by the method of deferred payments of the textile factory Y has proposed as follows:

– The company wanted to buy 10,000 m KT cotton fabrics and 8,000 m of cloth Jean.

– The total amount to be paid is 245 million, now pay 30% of receipt of goods, remaining to be paid 4 times is together in years (We invite you to pay 1 time).

This is the number of factories are sold at cost 8,500 dong / mvai KT cotton and 18,000 d / m jeans fabric

Bank has agreed to loan factory demand with interest at the rate of 4.5% / upgrade

Requirements: 1 / Please help calculate the factory can see is not selling?

2 / If you want to sell by the method of payment of the purchase, the factory will ask the company to pay the amount of how much (the total amount of payment)?

* Lesson 11: Company raising capital N joint venture with B Company million 2000. Last year (from the date of raising capital) is divided into 200 million interest, next year is divided into 220 million interest, next year is that million 242. Start again next year the company sold the N share for Company B. requested the purchase price of the Company N Company B?, said the two sides agreed rate of profitable companies N achieved is 20%

* Lesson 12: He has just two numbers win, he would like to send money to the bank. Someone recommended that he should send in 3 different banks to avoid risks. Find a reasonable, he divided the money into 3 sections with different levels of the number of people sent in 3 bank A, B, C vary, the largest amount double the smallest number.

Interest rate deposit in bank A is 12% per year, the bank B is 12.5% per year, the bank C is 12.6% per year. 1 year after he gained 15.6 Hai million interest money.

Request: Please send the amount in each bank of Mr. Hai

* Lesson 13: A shop to pay contributions under the following conditions:

– Ngay receipt of payment miliion 191.56, the remaining will be paid gradually in the next 12 years, annually pay 17 milion VND, separately last year (year 12) pay only 10.28 milion VND

– If you pay immediately, the buyer pays only 300 milion VND

Request: The interest rate of the underground resistance on the purchase

* Lesson 14: Shops X has just launched the sale to pay contributions to A with a fixed interest rate stores announced a 1% per month, your payment as follows: As soon as customers buy pay milion VND 3, in 11 months next month to pay 1.2 per milion VND, last month paid 0.8 second 12 milion VND is all creditors. If you pay to buy now, customers have to pay 15.5 milion VND

Requirements: 1. Please clarify how the interest of the shops

2. Calculate the interest rate review of the purchase is subject to how much?

3. Mr. Y would like to purchase A speech by the method of payment, but suggested stores changes as follows: the purchase of pay-Right milion VND 3, 12 months remaining Y per month, he will pay an additional amount equal. Shops agree. Let’s calculate the amount of monthly payment?. Y know that he and shops had been agreed interest rate equal to the interest in finding a real 2.


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